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Personalized & Unique Audiology Services

At Johnson Hearing Services, we treat you like the individual you are. Everyone’s hearing loss is unique, and when it comes to hearing aids, each fitting is personal and special.

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Hearing Health Care for all of your hearing needs.

Hearing loss is a communication disorder and is often the source of significant frustration among family members, friends, and coworkers. Johnson Hearing Services is committed to providing the best possible hearing solutions for you and your family through personalized, comprehensive, and compassionate audiology services.

Diagnostic hearing evaluations administered by Aaron L. Johnson, Au.D. are comprehensive and precise in order to properly identify the type of hearing loss. Combined with a careful case history, Dr. Johnson is able to accurately assess the hearing loss and provide an individualized plan for better hearing. With careful selection of proven technology, Dr. Johnson is able to provide better hearing for those with even the most difficult hearing losses.


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Everyone’s Hearing Loss is Unique

Everyone’s hearing loss is unique, and when it comes to hearing aids, each fitting is personal and special. At Johnson Hearing Services, all hearing aid systems are custom ordered and custom fitted to meet the specific needs of each patient. Special care is taken with every hearing aid patient to accurately fit each hearing aid to the unique design of their ears to ensure the most secure and comfortable fitting of hearing aids.

All of our hearing aid systems utilize digital circuitry and are uniquely programmed to address the hearing needs of each patient. Different levels of circuit technology are available to address the various demands of each person’s hearing loss. In-the-ear and behind-the ear designs are available and recommended according to each person’s needs.

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Committed to your complete care

Johnson Hearing Services is committed to your complete care. From your hearing evaluation to your hearing aid fitting we will take care to make sure you are enjoying the richness of life by experiencing sound customized to fit your personal listening needs and environment.


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Our Services Include:

  • Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations for all Ages
  • State of the Art, Digital Hearing Aid Sales from a Variety of Manufacturers
  • Hearing Aid Service and Repairs
  • Tinnitus Evaluation and Management Services
  • Hearing Retraining Services
  • Custom Earmolds for Water and Noise Protection
  • Custom Musician’s Plugs and Ear Monitors
  • Assistive Listening Devices for Use with TV and Phone
  • Industrial Audiology Services and Consulting

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